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Band Rules

  1. Find the humor, it's generally the best solution to any situation.

  2. Check your ego at the door. THE MUSIC RULES HERE! If you can't accept well-meaning comments or correction, this isn't the band for you. Conversely, if you can't give respectful comments or correction to a fellow band member, this is also not the band for you.

  3. You deserve an explanation. if you're not getting one, ask. If your leaders don't have one, they shouldn't be there.

  4. If someone needs help, help.

  5. Our kids, students and beginners are our future-treat them with respect-a little humor, patience, and encouragement goes a long way.

  6. There are no penalties here-we all make mistakes. Some of yours may be spectacular! Learn to live with it.

  7. Trust that each member of the circle is giving the very best they can give, working the hardest, and playing as well as they are capable of playing. Nobody tries to be a screw-up.

  8. Likewise, be worthy of that trust from others. Give 100%, try always to give the most you can to the music you love.

  9. Welcome and respect the families, spouses, and significant others. They put up with a lot from us.

  10. Don't look down on someone who can't play as well as you -they'll get there- you did. 

  11. Don't resent the players who are better than you, who want to move farther or faster on their own. They are not elitist. They got there through hard work. They are your role models.

  12. Whether you think you can, or think you can't -you are right- it's all up to you.

  13. You will decide what level you will attain, based on the time commitment possible for you. But don't expect that the entire group should reach up to, or remain down at, that level just because you are there and comfortable. Be flexible.

  14. When in band uniform, you represent the band and are responsible for our reputation. Speak thoughtfully, behave respectfully, gripe silently, and imbibe sensibly.

  15. Gossip, backstabbing, one-upmanship, lies, and put downs belong on the grade school playground and will not be tolerated here. Only the kids get to act like children.

  16. NO discussion of religion or politics. Be advised that no matter what you believe, at least 50% of the group disagree with you. Don't start. Don't go there.

  17. Religious, ethnic or political jokes - no matter how funny - ALWAYS OFFEND SOMEONE - be sure of your audience, or don't go there either.

  18. The officers and others doing non-musical jobs are doing their best. If you don't like how they're doing it -don't gripe- volunteer.

  19. We want you here as much as possible, but if you can't make it, we are COMPLETELY happy with what time you can give, even a little is valuable to us. However, if you're not around enough to know what's going on, don't believe that you will have much of a say in how things are run. 50% attendance is required (practices and performances added together), only to vote.

  20. The Musical Director, Pipe Major, Drum Sergeant, and Pipe Sergeant reserve the right to yell at this band twice -and only twice- per season. We LOVE all of you guys, but understand that sometimes you do bug the suffering daylights out of us.

  21. As to band finances, band members will determine how the band money will be spent. It's your money, you earned it -we spend it on you.

  22. Except on rare occasions, the band doesn't use its performance profit to buy beer - you're on your own for that.

  23. Everyone has a tune or two that they hate. We can't get rid of it just because you don't like it. There are reasons we play many of the tunes (see rule 3 above). You need to remember that your very favorite, most beloved tune in the repertoire, is probably despised by someone else in the circle. They are learning your favorite tunes, you must learn theirs.

  24. POSITIVE speech and actions help everybody soar. Negativity brings everyone down, to no advantage. There's usually a better way to say what you're thinking.

  25. This band does not require exclusivity. You may play with other musical groups/bands. You may also wear your CCIPD uniform while doing it -- it's good advertisment. (Keeping in mind rule 14 above.) However, once you have committed to a particular CCIPD performance -- you are stuck, we need you. Only emergencies get you off the hook. The exception to this rule is, of course, competition band for which, by WUSPBA rules, you must be registered to play with CCIPD a full 30 days before each competition and then you may do so with only with CCIPD at that time.

Still want to be a part of our awesome group after reading all that?
You'll fit in GREAT!

Contact our Pipe Major, Kelly FitzRandolph, for more information.

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