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Jim FitzRandolph

Music Director and Competition Pipe Major


Jim started playing with the Saint Andrew Pipes and Drums, and then became a member of Colorado Isle of Mull when they merged with Saint Andrew. 

Competed with the Isle of Mull Grade 4 band for 13 years, was a member of the competition band that placed 1st in Santa Rosa, and still a competing member when the band was moved to grade 3.  He competed with this group for 11 more years, finishing as high as 2nd place in the WUSPBA standings. 

Mountain Champions, Grade 4, 3 times 
Mountain Champions, Grade 3, 4 times 

Pipe major for the Isle of Mull Grade 4 band for 3 years, three times 1st place WUSPBA Intermountain Branch, finishing as high as 4th in the WUSPBA standings. 

He joined Michael Collins in 2005 as Competition Pipe Major and Music Director.

Colorado Saint Andrew Society, Chieftains Piper, 1988-89 

Competed solo through Grade 2. 

Twelve years performing with the Denver Brass, to sold out performances at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Red Rocks, and The Newman Center. Have played performances with them in such far off places as Steamboat Springs, Colorado and Colby, Kansas, usually to sold out crowds. Current Pipe Major for Celtic Colorado, a group of pipers and drummers dedicated to playing with more 'traditional' (i.e., western) instruments, like orchestras. Numerous performances with groups such as the Colorado Wind Ensemble, the Aurora Symphony, and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. 

Solo piping judge for WUSPBA sanctioned events for 20 years. 

Accepted a scholarship to study at the College of Piping, School of Celtic Performing Arts, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Sat for the Institute of Piping Certificate Exams. 

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