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Kelly FitzRandolph

Performance Pipe Major


Kelly served as Pipe Sergeant in the Isle of Mull/St. Andrew Pipes and Drums, Grade III, for 7 years. She was also the First Female Pipe Sergeant and Pipe Major, Grade III, in the Colorado and Intermountain Branch of WUSPBA (Western United States Pipe Band Association). 

She joined the Michael Collins Pipe Band in 2005 where she served as Pipe Sergeant for 3 years and Pipe Major for 1 year. 

Kelly has been performing with the Denver Brass since 1996 to sold out performances at the Denver Civic Auditorium, Breckenridge Music festival, Denver University Newman Center, Steamboat Springs, and Grand Valley Music Festivals.

Currently, Kelly is the acting Pipe Sergeant for Celtic Colorado Pipes and Drums, a group composed of members from several pipe bands, dedicated to playing with orchestras and other non-Celtic musical groups. 

Solo Performances: 

Kelly competed for 10 years in Grade IV and Grade III light music and piobaireachd. There are 72 medals in her basement!

Solo Aggregates Grade III- Estes Park Scottish and Irish Festival, Aurora Highland Games, Irish Feis Piping Competition-Loretto Heights College, Northern Colorado Scottish Festival. 

Chosen Chieftain's Piper 1987-1988 - St. Andrew Society of Colorado- for best new piper.

Competed Grade IV and Grade III Piobaireachd, 4 years - 1 silver medal, 1 gold medal. 

Kelly has taught private lessons since 1982 - children and adults, average 10 to 13 students each week, Grades V, IV, III, and II. 

With Husband, P/M Jim FitzRandolph, they taught for 15 years at Arapahoe Community College of Colorado, adults, once a week, three quarters per year. Celtic Traditions Seminar, Introduction to Highland Bagpipes, and Level II Piping - 8-22 students per class. 

5 student Borreriag Medal winners - Best Beginning Piper competing in first year. 

7 Students named Chieftain's Piper - best new piper for the year - St. Andrew Society of Colorado. 

Most students have competed successfully solo and also in Grade IV and Grade III Band Competition - Two have gone on to become Pipe Sergeants and Pipe Majors of Grade IV, and Pipe Sergeants of Grade III Bands. 

For 5 years, Kelly was responsible for the Grade V program of the Isle of Mull Pipes and Drums, and in charge of Intermediate program for Grade IV performance pipers. 

Instructor for beginning and performance pipers at Michael Collins PB--4 years. 

Solo Piping Judge, WUSPBA sanctioned events, 20 years. Judging grades IV, III, and II, and, in a pinch, have substituted for absent Piobaireachd judge. 

January 2003 she accepted s scholarship to study at the College of Piping, School of Celtic Performing Arts, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Sat for the Institute of Piping Certificate Exams. 

20 years teaching Piobaireachd - about 60% of Kelly's students at any given time compete in Piobaireachd. 5 have won gold medals in both Grade IV and Grade III, 2 in Grade II, one student having won the MacCrimmon Quaich, Clan MacLeod's highest award for Grade 1 Piobaireachd.

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